Company Profile

Lawan Durry Cluster Hathkargha Rug’s Company is making largest collection of handmade Rug’s, carpet, Bags, Baskets, Cushion’s & Furniture in various design & Many colors.

Mr. Shambhu Singh Gahlot is a founder of Lawan Durry Cluster Hathkargha Rug’s Company. He is very sharp mind, intelligent & Kind person.

Lawan Durry Cluster Hathkargha Rug’s Company establishment in 1980. His Company name is a Hathkargha Cluster Because There are many village persons making Rug’s & carpet to earn money for his family. Late Mr. Ganga Shaya Singh was father of Mr. Shambhu Singh Gahlot. He was also very heart kind person. He was doing farming work in his village.

In 1980 There was Running carpet making works in the Lawan Village. He saw this work & he liked them very much. He planned to start this work. He decided to carpet making work after came to school. He made carpet two hours daily & also do the farming work with his father. In the night he had study also. Slowly slowly After some time he learned carpet making work. He earned many 200 INR per Month in the summer vacation. He passed 10th in his the village, but he could not study in higher education because his father had not enough money to educate him. So In the few months he made a carpet & went to jaipur, show this carpet to exporter, they liked its very much, & Gave money.

In 1980 many other village (Rural Persons) come to visit this work from many km. by walking to his house. They also needed to learn this work to earn money for his family.

He wanted to place New looms in his house. But he had no enough money for this. His father is good, honest person in village. So, he borrowed 300 INR from a village merchant to help his children’s dream. He placed some looms But the jaipur exporters did not give the yarn for making carpets with out security, So His father again help his children, He sold his OX animal, & Got some money.

He had ready to make carpets with some weavers, He took Raw Material From Exporters & He started works, slowly slowly he set up 40 looms & started works.

He Awarded National Merit certificate in 2013 .

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